FRET 1 Meeting Collage

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feel free to download the collage of the FRET 1 meeting.

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Claus Seidel



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On occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth and 65 years after his first publication on resonance energy transfer we want to honour Prof. Theodor Förster's achievements by celebrating FRET as one part of his rich scientific legacy at its original site.

You are highly welcome to join our discussion meeting!

We call this a “Discussion” Meeting because we do not plan to have long plenary lectures but rather lively discussions and ask that all of you submit abstracts and bring posters on your latest experimental results, ideas, or theories related to FRET. Some talks will be selected from these abstracts as well. The topics of the sessions, the preliminary program and the members of the scientific committee are given in the corresponding menus.

Claus Seidel & the organizing commitee

Foerster 2011 flyer